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Friday, December 30, 2005

Projectors: You Can Build Your Own!

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Projectors: Building Your Own Movie Projector Is Fun and Easy!

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We have been writing a "How To" guide on building your very own home theatre movie projector (the image above is from a home made projector built with some new and used parts found on ebay and your local hardware store! The home built movie projector has amazing "theatre" experience and quality!

The average movie projector cost around $900 for a decent one, you can now own a movie projector for as low as $100 - $300! This is great for someone who loves to watch dvds and play games, this home made projector will project an movie image onto your movie screen or wall up to 100 inches!

Anyway sign up and be updated when we finish our "projector guide" along with projector secrets and tips!

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