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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Projectors and Home Theatre System Book

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Home Theatre System Design Book

Chapter 5 Contents:

Rear Projection TV's
CRT Rear Projection TV's
Understanding CRT Rear Projection
Things you should know about RP TV's
Features to look for
Why buy an HDTV Rear Projection TV?

LCD Rear Projection TV's
Understanding RP LCD Displays
Manufacturers of LCD RP TV's
Features to look for
Why buy an LCD Rear Projection TV?

DLP Rear Projection TV's
Understanding Rear Projection DLP TV's.
Manufacturers of DLP RP TV's
Features to look for
Why buy a Rear Projection DLP TV?
Links for DLP RP TV's

To create a successful Home Theater Design, you need to understand the latest advances in everything from DVD players, A/V receivers, and Speakers to the incredible new High Definition TV's. Along with this, you need to know how to put it all together and create an exceptional Home Theater room.

This eBook provides a comprehensive explanation of the step-by-step process of Home Theater design. It addresses a full range of projects from simple, living room installations to a dedicated Theater room.

Recent trends are explained, including all the latest equipment and Home Theater systems. It contains over 125 internet hyperlinks to web sites where you can view the latest A/V equipment, specifications and pricing as well as innovative ideas to add impact to your design.

In this Home Theater Design eBook you will learn:

How to choose A/V equipment.

Learn how to choose the best A/V equipment, from DVD players to the latest big screen HDTV, Video projector, DLP TV and speaker system. Find out what Home Theater system features are most important and how to avoid those that you don't need.

Home Theater Room design considerations.

Learn how to optimize your screen size for maximum impact, set proper viewing distances, deal with room acoustics, speaker placement, room lighting, and how to establish a strong overall design concept.

Big screen HDTV, DLP TV and Plasma TV.

Learn about the most recent advances in Home Theater big screen HDTV. Should you consider a regular TV, Rear Projection TV, Video Projector or a new High Definition TV (HDTV)? What screen proportion is best for your Home Theater design and are the new Plasma TVs worth it?

The new, improved Rear Projection TV's.

There are 3 types of Rear Projection video; CRT, LCD and DLP TV, learn which is best for you. How do they work, which one is best for a Home Theater system, and what do they cost? How do these big screen TV's compare to regular tube TV's and when should you consider one for your design?

Possibilities of Front Projection TV.

Incredible advancements in Video projector technology have been made in the past few years. Big Screen Video projectors have gotten smaller, brighter and sharper. Are these new "fixed pixel" video projectors suitable for Home Theater Design use? Should you consider one instead of a big screen TV?

Surround Sound Formats.

There are many different multi-channel surround sound formats for a Home Theater including Dolby Pro-Logic, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS. Learn the differences and how many channels of sound are available. Also, should you consider one of the new 6.1 or 7.1 channel A/V receivers and what will this add to the cost?

How to choose Speakers.

There is a huge selection of home theater speakers on the market from tweeters to powered subwoofers. What types of speakers will work best for you and what will they cost? Surround sound speaker placement in your room can be critical, how do you find the best design locations for optimal Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS sound?

A new generation of Remote Controls.

If you have bought several pieces of Home Theater equipment in the past, you already know that remote controls can start to pile up. How do you simplify the control of your system and what types of remote controls can best combine all A/V equipment control into one?

Designing a dedicated Home Theater Room.

A good design will include proper room size and proportions, optimal screen size and viewing distance, acoustics, and lighting. In addition, the video projector, A/V equipment rack and surround speakers all need to be properly located. And finally, the design and finishes of the walls, floor, and ceiling should tie the the whole concept together.

Shopping and Finding the Best Prices.

Learn how to save money on the Internet. It is a tremendous resource for researching Home Theater Equipment and for finding the best prices. Links are provided throughout this eBook to some of the best web sites to choose your system and other Home Theater enhancements. Learn the pros and cons of Internet shopping and how to find a Custom installer near you.

Home Theater eBook

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